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I'm Katie, a freelance writer and editor currently studying for a master's degree in Film and Cultural Management at the University of Southampton. You can find my work for publications such as The Indiependent, The Edge, The Glasgow Guardian and my own blog Black British Cinema below. I focus on film festival coverage, reviews, interviews and feature pieces.

While Lee’s films are not merely ‘gay stories’, his work makes fascinating links between queerness, isolation and nature. It is incredible to see these lesser-told stories given a platform through subtle and nuanced cinematic beauty.

Katie Evans on Francis Lee

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Final tracks are always an important element in Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes releases. 'Original Sin''s bassline captures the progression of the whole album, with Carter's lyrics summarising the album's journey from anticipation to reality.

Katie Evans on Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes' 2021 album 'Sticky'